LacLo Tibato : (22/11/2014)
Entrada de Ilsedora Laker sobre eccema :
Eczema (fragmento de la web)
It has been a very hectic fall season for me with very little opportunity for blogging. However there have been a few requests for blog topics that are of interest to my GNM students that finally, now that I have most of my other duties out of the way, I am able to address.

Of course the majority of these issues I have been asked to blog about are what we call healing phases in the GNM.

Hanging healing phases from the conventional standpoint fall into the category of chronic illnesses. Some of course are more debilitating than others depending on what part of the physiology we are talking about. By hanging we mean that the condition never fully goes through the entire resolution/ healing phase. It just “hangs” because there are tracks or reminders that keep us in a low level of conflict activity and as a result, the condition never fully heals.

The conventional “treatment” of choice for most of these chronic healing phases, which for the most part involve inflammation, are steroids in one form or another. For example with eczema or psoriasis, the recommended treatment is a steroid cream which will “suppress” the healing phase affecting the outer skin as long as it is being applied. That’s fine in the short term to make someone comfortable, but in the long terms it can create problems.
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